Shadowhunters Pilot

Unlike several people who were extremely excited for the Shadowhunters pilot to air, I for one, didn't feel much of anything toward it. I was pretty apathetic toward whether or not it would be a success, but even so, I knew I would watch the pilot at the very least just to see if the show would be up my alley. I did read the books (before anyone knew City Of Bones would be made into a movie) and watched the film - I didn't like Jace's casting either - but by then, I was through with the series. I read both this and the prequel series, and while I enjoyed The Mortal Instruments and adored The Infernal Devices up until that ending, I was kind of over the hype surrounding the shadowhunter world. Yes, I'll probably read Lady Midnight when it comes out, but I don't expect to enjoy it very much, and I'm not sure if I'll end up continuing the series.

Last week was still mid-season break for many of the shows I watch, so I started watching Shadowhunters with a mixture of curiosity, boredom, and fear of cringe-worthy-ness. To be sure, I had several problems with the show, but overall, it wasn't too bad. A few of the issues I had were:

• The actress who plays Clary, Katherine McNamara, is nothing like I would have imagined Clary; Lily Collins seemed like the perfect Clary Fray to me. At first I was afraid that I was biased against her because she played the mean girl on Disney Channel a few times and I couldn't at all imagine her in this show; as I watched, however, I realize that that's not the issue at all. For me, McNamara not only doesn't look like Clary - she's tall, supermodel-esque, and has orange hair while I see Clary as shorter, with very vibrant red hair - but doesn't act like her either. McNamara plays a much whinier yet simultaneously obnoxiously confronting character than Clary, and while this can be frustrating at times, I'll probably be able to get used to it if I stop comparing the show to the books.

• The Institute is much too techy to be in the shadowhunter world. I mean, it's a realm of fantasy/paranormal, not science-fiction. This and Isabelle's extremely, out of this world seductive character were probable the main downers to this show: Isabelle was actually nice and cute - two words I would not normally associate with her - and then she starts hitting on Simon as soon as she meets him. As a book nerd, I can't ignore the fact of how the writers simplified their romance into whatever it is Isabelle and Simon are doing together on that show. That being said, I will admit that the cast is gorgeous.

• The acting. There are no words for the acting, and I don't mean that in a good way. I'm not a great judge of acting or anything, but everything seemed so forced and fake in the Shadowhunters pilot. I'm really hoping that's just a first episode kind of thing, and that the acting will get better and more comfortable once the show continues. For now though, I do indeed cringe at the occasional line or facial expression. Now, Dominic Sherwood, who plays Jace, isn't super amazing either, but I will say that in some moments, he had me swooning for Jace all over again, something that hasn't happened in a while. And this might just be my faulty memory since I haven't read the books in a while, but Dominic's Jace seemed so much meaner - that is, more fun - than book Jace! It was so entertaining to watch, you don't even understand.

When it comes down to it, the Shadowhunters pilot wasn't astoundingly good or devastatingly bad. I will most likely continue watching it just in case the show becomes WOW at some point or ends up doing the Clary-Jace romance right. Oh, and how did I forget the Magnus-Alec romance?! I will certainly keep watching for that.


  1. I totally agree with you. While I didn't have high hopes, and it wasn't my favorite book series, I was interested to see how they would do. Mostly I found cheesy lines and somewhat bad acting (not a fan of Clary in the movie or show). Though I've seen mediocre pilots like this before and some have gotten better. I hope this one does too.

    1. I think the show got renewed for season 2? I'm really surprised. I should probably catch up on the first season then :/

  2. For me, TMI finished after #3 to be honest, not really bothered about the rest, and I've read the first in TID, but heard about the ending, so don't really feel like continuing them either. Own the film, haven't seen it. Aaaaand, heard mixed things about the show so far so not too interested in that either, especially now hearing about Isabelle, just no. Why do they always have to have a slutty-ish character on a show? Isabelle was confident in her sexuality in the books (from what I remember), it doesn't = slut. So just no. Sounds like the actors don't have much chemistry together. :(

    1. You definitely made the right call about TMI - it got really repetitive after the first few books. I adore TID, but I can understand why you wouldn't want to continue with such a huge spoiler hanging over your head. The film honestly isn't terrible, believe it or not. This show, however, is still meh even by episode 3 - I don't even know why I'm still watching it.

      Isabelle actually isn't slutty in the show, so yay! My problem with her is actually that she's too nice. Isabelle was not NICE when we first meet her in the books. But yeah, the actors don't have a lot of chemistry, unfortunately.


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