Welcome To Fierce Reads!

Hi! My name is Preethi, and I'm a college student who blogs about books - it's nice to meet you. If we already know each other, then I'm glad you found my new blog alright. Some of you may be wondering why I'm switching to another blog yet again. I could give you the usual answer - #commitmentproblems - except this time I have a legitimate reason: my old blog was simply too young. I'd been blogging at Time Turning Reads since the summer before senior year and I was quite happy with the design, but now that I'm older, I realize that the blog doesn't reflect me as much anymore. Besides, it's about time I jumped on that minimalist blog train.

My aim in re-opening my blog as Fierce Reads is to bring a more sophisticated look and voice to my previous style of blogging, and to hopefully engage with more bloggers and readers. This blog will not be focused on viewer stats, but on meeting new people, sharing thoughts on books, and actively participating in the book blogging community. I'm hoping I find this easy since I've completely lost interest in ARC's - nowadays, I'm more about the books than the blogging advantages, which honestly, is how it should have been all along.

Since I've been blogging for several years now, I really don't need an introduction. I just wanted to say hello to everyone and explain my reasons for switching blogs for the billionth time. Thanks everyone for joining me here and I hope Fierce Reads is to your liking. (And if anyone does have any questions for or about me, just comment below and I'll reply as soon as I can!)


  1. Hey Preethi!!! Love the new blog! =D

    1. Hey Sarah! I'm glad you love the new blog - I'm pretty fond of it as well haha.


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