I'm Making Binge Re-Reading A Thing

I don't know if it's just me, but it seems like there are so many good, new books coming out lately. This would normally be a wonderful thing, as there's nothing I like more than large hold lists at the library (though I do hate waiting), a never-ending TBR, and so many current releases to read that there's no time to even think about how long I have to wait until the next eagerly awaited sequel to something comes out. The life of a reader is utter chaos, and that's a good thing. Except when you want to binge read a ton of books that you've already read before.

I've been meaning to go back and read a decent amount of my favorite reads for a while now, but I keep putting it off. Lately however, I've been thinking about more and more of these old favorites - partly because of sequels, but mostly because one of my friends is finally reading all of my recommendations from way back when and we're fangirling over them together - and well, let's just say I have eleven of the best books ever coming in the mail, and now I just have to figure out when to give in and just re-read them all.

Re-reading is an annoying but all too usual problem for me because it makes me feel like I'm slacking in some way. If I'm re-reading, I can't be blogging, and if I'm re-reading, I'm not making any progress on my TBR. However, it's been a good several years since I've read most of the books on my re-read list that's been building up, and I figure that now, summer vacation, is probably the best time to fulfill all my re-reading desires. Also I've been watching the Smaragdgrün/Emerald Green trailer a lot more times than I probably should, and my lack of patience for its release means I want to read that series again despite the fact that I just recently re-read it. So why not read all of my other re-reads while I'm at it and make a big binge-fest out of it, am I right?

While I'm waiting for all of my books to come in the mail, I figured I'd share with you guys all the re-read books that I'm planning on reading, all in this pretty graphic down below to make everything more aesthetically pleasing. For the record, these are all amazing reads that you are welcome to re-read with me, or read them for the first time because these books never go out of reading fashion.

Click on the graphic to view a larger version.

First Row (click on the titles to add to goodreads)

Second Row

Third Row

Fourth Row

Fifth Row

How often do you usually re-read books? Are there any books you desperately feel like re-reading right now?


  1. I usually don't reread books unless it's for a series. I may actually start rereading some books this summer so that I can finally read some last books in trilogies.
    Krystianna @ Downright Dystopian

    1. Re-reading for a series is actually one type of re-reading I've never done! I usually just go straight to the next book once it's released and hope I remember enough to keep up haha.

  2. I used to reread books quite frequently, but lately I've been focusing on catching up on books that I've been meaning to read and classics. I have the annoying problem of having to reread the previous books in a series before I get the next one because my reading memory is HORRIBLE! While it is enjoyable to reread the book(s), it also ends up being a chore.
    You've convinced me, I need to reread a book just for the heck of it! Guilt free! Choices, choices, choices... :D

    1. I'm usually the opposite - all four years of high school I didn't re-read a book once, and then suddenly the summer after graduation I just started re-reading. And whoo, I'm glad you're going to re-read for fun again!


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