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Let me start of by saying that I adored A Court Of Mist And Fury (ACOMAF), potentially even more than I did the first book, which was a lot. I love that this book is much, much longer than A Court Of Thorns And Roses (ACOTAR) as well as the greater presence and significance given to my favorite character in the novel, apart from Feyre: Rhysand. I read the book in under twenty four hours, though by the end my face and heart were a mess, and I regret not having a tissue box near me. This book was brilliant, the romance angst-ridden and sexy - though definitely only for mature readers - and the plot, though seemingly a bit slow at times, turned out a painfully exciting conclusion that leaves readers begging for the final book in the trilogy. There are also several new characters included in this second novel, and once you meet them you'll never be able to live without them again.

Now, all of that being said, I had one major problem with this book, and it started from the beginning of the book and lasted until the end. In fact, one could even say that the entire book was sort of based on the one thing that I hate - I am of course about to talk about it, so if you haven't read the book yet, then please do not read any further as there will most certainly be spoilers.

I've loved Rhysand since that moment in ACOTAR near the end of the novel when he saw Feyre as a faerie and stumbled back, then ran as far away from Feyre as he could. I also completely predicted what really happened in that moment, so yay for that! But the one thing I had about this book was Tamlin's character. More precisely, what was done to Tamlin's character. Sarah J. Maas, why did you ruin his character just to justify Feyre falling in love with Rhysand? Why couldn't she fall in love with him without having to be treated badly by the man who loved her throughout it all? I feel terrible saying this because I love Sarah, but I am not okay with what was done!

From the start of this novel, Tamlin's character just felt really off. He was so noble, protective, and unbearably kind in ACOTAR, and yet in this book he was manic, angry, and didn't seem to care about Feyre's well-being in the least, which is not at all realistic to his character. In this book it was written off as him being broken by Amarantha Under The Mountain and by him being over-protective, but no, that's not at all what happened, and we all know it. And yes, I'm about to bring this back to Chaol in the Throne Of Glass series.

I know it's not just me who noticed that Chaol was pretty much eliminated as a love interest as soon as Rowan showed up and caught Aelin's interest. Again, I wasn't okay with it, as he was my number one choice for Aelin since Throne Of Glas. I don't care if Rowan fits better with Aelin or if he's hotter and bulkier: Chaol was turned into a weak, prejudiced man so that Rowan could have Aelin without competition, and he does not deserve that. Unsurprisingly but also super surprisingly, the same thing happened to Tamlin. The wonderful man that he existed as in book one was so changed, so blind, and almost cruel in this book, and I can't help but feel that it completely disposed of the good man he was before. I hurt for Tamlin, because he doesn't deserve to be thrown to the dogs just because Rhysand and Feyre make a perfect couple. However, at the same time, Tamlin's character did horrible things in this book, and though I know that this isn't at all who he really is (if a character can really be anyone), I still founding myself wanting to beat him up a few times and make him see reason.

But other than that, this book was literal perfection!! The sexy scenes were sexy, there was more than enough Rhysand to delight the senses, and this was so much more painful than ACOTAR, if that's even possible. As in, there are not enough tissues in the world for this book. The book should come with a warning, though I guess Maas's name on the cover should be enough. 

I really hope that someone makes Tamlin see the light in the next book or he finds his mate and as follows, his good self again, because it is so painful seeing Tamlin being turned into someone so despicable. I can't stand that happening to my former cutie pie. But yeah, other than this major issue with the book, I adored every inch of it, so there's really nothing else to say. I can't wait to re-read this one soon!

Rating: ★★★★★

And now for the giveaway!

Enter to win an ebook copy of A Court Of Mist And Fury, open internationally. This giveaway ends in one month, on June 6, at 12:00AM midnight. You can tweet about the giveaway at a maximum of once a day, and each tweet gains you an extra entry into the giveaway. Other rules and regulations can be found on Rafflecopter. Good luck to everyone who enters, and to whoever wins, I hope you enjoy this amazing book.


  1. I really truly loved this book almost without any reservations, but the Tamlin treatment did give me a bit of a pause as well. I thought he was quite controlling even in the first book, so I guess I didn't find his character totally OOC - but I do get the comparison to what SJM did with Chaol. I do think that she really does shove the pairing down our throats and leave no chance for us to second guess the heroine's choices? But whatevs, I love Aelin/Rowan and Feyre/Rhys so I can take a chill pill on this haha.
    Aentee at Read at Midnight

    1. Everyone says they saw his controlling character in the first book and I'm just like but I remember nothing but declarations of love for his character haha. I guess maybe people just feel more comfortable about coming out with it now that it's okay. It's also possible I just saw what I wanted to see. I'm more okay with it in this book because Feyre + Rhys is my only ship, but I don't know if I'll ever be okay with what happened with Chaol.

  2. "I've loved Rhysand since that moment in ACOTAR near the end of the novel when he saw Feyre as a faerie and stumbled back, then ran as far away from Feyre as he could. I also completely predicted what really happened in that moment, so yay for that!" THISSSS. I predicted that as well and I was like YES AHAHAHA when it was revealed. I love when my ship sails ;D

    I also gave this one five stars (and am still obsessing over it). Tamlin was a good guy in ACOTAR but he bothered me a little Under the Mountain when he didn't even attempt to help Feyre. It did seem a little odd but as the book continued and Feyre kept giving reasons I understood more. I thought Chaol was WAY off though, it didn't even feel smooth. Awesome review :D

    1. I keep hoping that Chaol will suffer some change of mind and fight for Celaena again, but I'm 99.9% sure that that ship has sunk :/

  3. I'm so glad you loved ACOMAF! I'm really excited to read more about this because I've heard so many glowing reviews. Lovely review! :)

    1. Yeah you should definitely be excited, because ACOMAF is a thrill of a ride that will have you swooning and crying and feeling way too emotions than is healthy, to be honest :P


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