Movies That Didn't Completely Fail Their Books - Pt. 2

Continuing from yesterday's list, I've come up with four more movies, both old and new, that have been intensely fun to watch over and over again. Both the books and movies on this list are amazing, and if you're unfamiliar with any of them, then take these as recommendations.

6. Persuasion - both Masterpiece and BBC versions

Anyone familiar with my brand of Jane Austen-craziness will know that I've had a ton of trouble trying to decide whether to Persuasion or Pride & Prejudice is my favorite Austen novel. This was my first favorite, but at the moment, P&P is precariously in the spot of favorite. But whatever happens, both these film version remain gorgeous adaptations. The one pictured above is the more recent BBC version with the better looking cast, but the Masterpiece version also holds a special place in my heart. Both versions are different, but equally good - like with P&P, it just depends on what mood you're in.

7. Ella Enchanted

I have heard that people aren't always happy with this movie adaptation, but I'm going to attribute that to people not loving Anne Hathaway, because personally, I adore this movie. Yes, there were a few changes from the book, but they weren't bad changes, and sometimes it's nice when the book and movie aren't exactly the same. This was a really cute movie I watched with my mother when I was a kid - and again and again later, by myself - and it's actually what made me pick up the book in the first place. Of course the book is better, but I still love the movie too!

8. Sherlock Holmes

You were probably expecting to see Benedict Cumberbatch's face, but that Sherlock isn't a movie - and thank goodness for that, because I never want it to end. Now, if we're all being honest with ourselves, I think we can agree that the Robert Downey Jr. Holmes movies were actually super fun to watch, and indeed, rewatch. The acting was on point, the cinematography was great, and the mystery was a thrill to watch. What else could a girl ask for? Luckily for me, I watched this before I knew Sherlock was a thing, so I got to enjoy this without a love for Cumberbatch holding me back.

9. The DUFF

I'll be honest: the only reason I even read this book was because I couldn't wait until the premiere date of the movie. That being said, this is one of those cases where the movie was so much better than the book. For one, the romance in the book really wasn't my thing. I'm all for the slowburn, the angst, the misunderstandings, but in the book, the two main characters were having sex in bedrooms, closets, and everywhere else you can think of. So not my thing. Luckily, the movie made up for it with a cute, adorable love story that will so satisfy your inner (or outer) teen.

Any other book-to-movie adaptations you think I forgot to mention or should watch? Tell me in the comments below!

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