Everywhere and Every Way by Jennifer Probst, And The Flaws That Kept It From Being Perfect

For the past few years, Jennifer Probst has been my favorite contemporary romance author, and so when I found out about Everywhere and Ever Way, you could say I was excited (though that'd be a huge understatement). Her Marriage to a Billionaire and Searching For series are some of the best romances I've read, and I recommend them every year that Probst's new novel comes out.

This Billionaire Builders series specifically is based on the Property Brothers, and though I'm not big on them specifically, that doesn't mean I don't appreciate fictional, hot construction workers. Besides, who doesn't love HGTV? Anyways, once I started reading, it was decently difficult not to read it in one go, and the only thing that kept me from being up all night until morning-tide is the few flaws that I unfortunately found in the romance.

  • From the very start of the book, Caleb and Morgan spent an unusually large amount of time thinking about each other naked, even though they seemed to hate each other at first glance. I mean okay, you can admire each others physical agility and whatever else you want, but explicit imaginary sex scenes at first glance? I don't think so.

  • I felt like Caleb and Morgan spent more time thinking about each other - non-sexually this time - than actually forming a relationship. Sure there was cute banter, but the actual relationship part of their relationship seemed to whiz by and suddenly it's the end of the book. They just blurted out their deep emotional backstories whenever they felt like it, even before they were really involved, so looking back, it's hard to remember when exactly they began to fall in love with each other.

  • Most of the time, I was more interested in Caleb's brothers' (one of them more than the other) past and future relationships than Caleb's own, and that's never a good thing. No, it didn't detract from the story or how cute Caleb and Morgan were, but it's nothing to brag about when you're more interested in future romances that haven't come out yet than the one that's currently being read.

  • This is quite petty of me, but I wish there was a longer and slightly more significant "trouble in the water" moment before the happily ever after. Every single contemporary romance has this moment, and this was no exception, but it lasted a few hours and that's it. I crave emotional pain, and this book didn't have much of it.

These are the only problems I had with the book though, and the last one barely even counts, so you can definitely call this book a success. The flirting, the sexy times, Morgan's pink construction wear, etc. were all super cute and romantic; it's not that this is a bad book, only that it's not as amazing as some of Probst's other novels, which are crazy good and shouldn't be compared to anyways. I do hope that the next two books in the series are filled with more pain, tears, and angst, but I'm quite happy with Everywhere and Every Way. The one thing I'm rather miffed about is probably the fact that the next novel features Caleb's brother Dalton when I was really hoping for Tristan's story. But I can wait two years. Or so I think.

Rating: ★★★★


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