The Totally Should've Book Tag

The original artwork in the background is by Charlie Bowater - you can buy the print here and signed print here.

The Totally Should've Book Tag was created by Emma over at emmmabooks, her Youtube channel - you can view the original video here. I tagged myself for this tag, as one does. You can click on the book covers if you'd like to see the goodreads.

A Book That Totally Should Have Had A Sequel

A Book That Totally Should Have Had A Spin-Off

I had this whole thing planned after the last book in the trilogy. I think it involved something along the lines of a spin-off featuring the two little kids in the final book, growing up, falling in love, and of course saving the world in their own way. And of course there would be angst because one of the kids was a Royal and the other wasn't. (Yes, I've probably thought about this way too much.)

An Author That Totally Should Write More Books

Colleen Houck! She's not yet done with her Tiger Saga (I feel like I've been waiting for the final book for years) or her Reawakened series, but she is a brilliant writer who writes some of the hottest, most chivalrous, and swooniest men ever, and I will always want more.

A Character That Totally Should Have Ended Up With Someone Else

Tessa and Will should've been together forever. Don't argue.

A Book That Totally Should Have Ended Differently

This goes along with the Tessa and Will thing - I've always regretted that Cassie Clare took the easy way out of the love triangle and got Tessa to be with both Will and Jem, in a way. I am a Will + Tessa shipper all the way, and it hurts knowing that Jem gets the future with Tessa that Will never got.

A Book That Totally Should Have Had A Movie Franchise

But like, a three-hour movie per book. And Rhysand should get a ton of screen time.

A Book That Totally Should Have Had A TV Show

If done right, this show would be better than Outlander. It'd be a super aesthetically pleasing show with a ship that would make A/C during the show a necessity. And of course it would be an hour long each episode and give off Sherlock vibes.

A Book That Totally Should Have Had One POV

A Book That Totally Should Have Had A Cover Change

I hope it's not just me, but this book probably has one of the least attractive covers ever - even the TV-show inspired covers are unattractive, especially considering they look more like (and I think they are) TV posters. How hard is it to actually pose the actors for a book? That being said, this was the only book in the series that I read, and it was terrible, so maybe it deserved the cover.

A Book That Totally Should Have Kept The Original Cover

Is there even a debate?

A Series That Totally Should Have Stopped At Book One


I think almost everyone has already done this tag, so if you're interested in doing it but haven't been tagged yet, please consider yourself tagged! 


  1. I TOTALLY WANT A MADNESS SO DISCREET SEQUEL. YES. Especially because I shipped them, but I'd love to see Grace as a character now and see how much she's grown since. Hahaahaha, I'm totally not arguing with you over Tessa and Will, I haven't finished the series, but I do know most of what happened. Ugh, The Hunt's perspectives, YES. I still liked it, but yeah. Oh God, the old TVD covers kill me, even the newer non TV ties in ones are bad. Have you seen the Night World covers? The newer ones are the best out of all hers. Oh, I am so doing this tag once I actually get around to blogging again, haha.

    1. OMG RIGHT? I shipped them too! Ooh TID is my favorite of all Cassie Clare books - I don't know why everyone's making movies/TV shows on TMI but not TID which is so much better. And ugh yeah, I'm reading The Hunt right now and that's my biggest issue with the book (also I'm not sure I love Cassian anymore but let's keep that on the hush hush for now). I think I've seen the old Night World covers but not the new ones. And yay, I can't wait to see which books you choose for the tag!


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