Why You'll Love Double Down by Gwenda Bond

Unlike with the first book, I came prepared for this one by watching both Batman v. Superman and Man of Steel, in that order. My swoons for Clark and Lois started with the first book in this Lois Lane series, Fallout, and it was only further cemented by the super cute moments in the films, especially Batman v. Superman. This second book is even more romantically rewarding than Fallout, and my only fear is that this will be the last book in the series, meaning no more swoony times between SmallvilleGuy and SkepticGirl1. Nevertheless, there is so much more to these books than romance, and that's what I'm here to talk about. To keep myself from rambling and fangirling, I'm putting everything in list form - good news: there are only pros.

1. The gang is back, and better than ever. 

There's Lois, Maddy, James, Devin, and some new characters including Maddy's twin sister Melody and a new love interest, Dante (though I won't tell you whose love interest he is). Everyone has the same dynamics going for them as they did in the first book, except they trust each other so much more. James and Lois have gotten over their differences - mostly - and Maddy and Lois are the best of friends, despite the occasional struggle.
"I've got Melody's back for now, even if she doesn't like it. But I'll always have yours." [Maddy] made no attempt to hide the smile that crossed her face. I took that as a win. 
The Scoop is still the best extracurricular activity ever, and the real story begins right from the first page. Reading this book was like going to one's safe and happy place, where there's no possibility of being disappointed, and only promises of fast pacing and a thrilling mystery to solve.

2. As more details are explained about various characters such as Lois's father and sister, it's impossible not to connect everything back to the comics, or in my case, the tv shows.

For me personally, I started recognizing things from the show Supergirl, and it was such a rush to feel like I actually knew things about superheroes. Metropolis is certainly one of my favorite fictional places, and I just love the unique relationships between Lucy and her family, as well as with Perry. Things are only hinted at in this book, but when you know what you know from other sources, connecting the dots with a grin is all you can really do.

3. Lois is so perfect, and I don't understand how anybody could fail to adore her.

I've heard so many people saying they don't like Lois - not this Lois but Lois in general - and I honestly cannot comprehend why. One could argue that this Lois is completely different from the actual Lois, but they're the same people, albeit book Lois is a younger version. As I was reading, I noticed how dedicated she was to keeping the relationships she made, as well as how she made sure to keep her word and protect the people she loved while at the same time giving the public the truth they craved. She's as much a superhero as Superman, and if you don't love her then think again.

4. Okay fine, I have to say it - the romance between Superman and Lois in this book just made my entire month.

I know SmallvilleGuy and SkepticGirl1 haven't met even once in real life, but that doesn't mean they don't have some serious sparks between them. Plus the greater number of visits in virtual reality with Superman as himself (minus his green-ness) and Lois as an elf princess is adorable, and since it's the only time they have some sort of physical contact with each other, you can't help but drink in everything that happens, whether it to be a mention of Clark's muscles, his hand on Lois's arm, etc. And Superman's complete support of Lois finding the truth, no matter how dangerous, is freaking awesome. But the best part is probably that just because he's Superman and she's Lois doesn't mean they can't have regular, couple-like moments.
He started to laugh. The sound was nice. I loved his laugh. But I kind of wanted to push him off the turret.
5. The plot/mystery was just as intriguing, if not more, than it was in book one, and it pulls you in. 

I know political thrillers have made their mark in YA lately, and the plot of Double Down ties that in with its usual thing. While there are still trademark Lois aspects of the story, such as clones and mob bosses, the mayor is also an integral part of the plot. I really like how the author made this a continuation of book one, as in some of the plot elements from Fallen were brought back in this next installment; at the same time, you don't need to remember anything from the last book to get this one, which is a plus for people like me who can't recall everything about every book they read. Once you start reading this it'll be a race to the finish line.

Double Down is the sequel to Fallen that we've all been waiting for, and in fact, it's even better than its predecessor. I only hope that this series continues, because there's no such thing as too much Superman and Lois.

Rating: ★★★★★

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