Yay Or Nay: Superhero Things I've Watched

I'm not crazy obsessed with Marvel and DC movies or anything - though sometimes I wish I was - but I have watched a few of them and figured I'd share my opinion/experiences with them. I've definitely liked some more than others, and obviously some people enjoy these movies much more than I do, but this is honestly what I felt toward each movie at the time I watched it. I decided not to include any of the X-Men movies on this list because they're all perfect.

Movie: Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Reason: I haven't watched any Batman movie ever, and if I have watched a Superman movie before it would have been one of the older ones, so I had no idea what I was getting into. I only wanted to watch this because I saw the trailer on dictionary.com one day and I was like "Hahaha look how stupid those two look I need to watch this. Also, the graphics are gorgeous." But yeah, it totally paid off because this is now my favorite superhero movie ever. I can't wait to buy the 3D version of the DVD once it's released.

Movie: Man Of Steel

Reason: I'd seen bits and pieces of the film while my brother watched (and re-watched) it, but I only decided to give it a try after watching Batman v Superman and falling in love with Superman. Also that one book by Gwenda Bond had me shipping him with Lois like a crazy person. However, after dedicating my college Friday to this movie, it was a real struggle not to fall asleep because the pacing was so slow. Again, the graphics were beautiful, and I'm not sure how much more can be done with Superman, but I was disappointed.

Movie: Captain America: The First Avenger

Reason: The only reason I watched this movie was for Peggy Carter, and she's also the only reason I enjoyed this movie as much as I did. I found this movie to have a very cliché superhero tone, if that makes sense, and it bored me, unfortunately. I did enjoy laughing about Steve's bobble-head appearance, and Howard Stark and Peggy were awesome, but overall, I didn't like the movie very much.

Movie: Captain America: Civil War

Reason: Not having watched any of the Iron Man movies - more out of laziness and lack of time than anything - and not being able to make it through the second Captain America movie, I'm not even sure why I was so excited for this movie, but I was. I guess I just like seeing superheroes pitted against each other? Either way, this was such a fun movie to watch, and I just wish that it could have been longer. Also, did anyone else notice Watson's American accent?

TV Show: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D

Reason: I really liked season one of the show, but by season two of the show I was forcing myself to get through it, and I haven't even caught up with the third season yet (I'm not even sure if I want to anymore). The cast is great, and I love Coulson, but the plot just seems to be dragging on and I just haven't been invested - or even entertained - lately.

Honorary Mention

TV Show: Agent Carter

Reason: I know Peggy Carter isn't technically a superhero, but she's from the superhero universe, and she kicks butt like nobody's business. She basically the baddest girl out there, and her show is just so much fun to watch. Plus her romance with Sousa is the most perfect thing ever. Season one was brilliant, and season two started out the same but sadly, ended rather anticlimactically. Even so, this show will always be one of my favorites.

What's your favorite superhero movie or TV show?


  1. I love the X-Men movies, but they also aren't done by Marvel Studios! I am huge DC/Marvel fan. I haven't seen BVS because I've heard some negative reviews. You should watch the Dark Night movies because they are amazing.

    1. Wait the X-Men movies aren't done by Marvel? I didn't know that, but I just looked it up and wow. BVS was my first DC movies and I adored it haha - I definitely need to delve into Batman soon too!

  2. Confession: The Marvel 'verse is my addiction. I love all the movies and the characters and I've been watching them in theaters since the first Iron Man movie. I also keep up with Agents of Shield (FitzSimmons is my OTP!!!)and Agent Carter. I am a Marvel Fangirl.

    HOW COULD YOU NOT MAKE IT THROUGH CAP 2?!?! It's the best Marvel movie yet! Also, the movies really need to be watched in order to experience the character growth and to understand the overlapping storylines. Have you seen Guardians of the Galaxy? It's so different from all of the others that you might like it more. And Iron Man 1 is a must. Also, Thor is a hilarious movie. And-- I digress.

    I also love XMen... but I've always been disappointed in the movies. I've never been a comic book fan, but the ones I have read have been XMen and I love reading character bios. Each XMen movie gets better, but I've yet to see one that I thought was worth buying.

    DC... Well, I like the Batman with Christian Bale. I used to like Arrow, but over 3 seasons I slowly lost respect with the DC TV 'verse. I tried Legends of Tomorrow for a little while and also gave it up. I like Man of Steel and the actors, but it's just too long for me to enjoy watching often. I have yet to see Batman v. Superman because it's long and I'm worried it's going to suck. That being said, I'm really glad to hear you liked it. It gives me hope :)

    1. I still haven't watched any of the Iron Man movies, though I definitely want to! I'm just to lazy to make the time for it, if that makes sense. I kind of stopped loving S.H.I.E.L.D. ever since Ward turned evil (but also because I didn't find the plot too interesting after season one).

      Lol I guess I'm just not much of a Marvel person?

      I think the only Marvel comic book I've read before is Ms. Marvel - I much prefer the wordiness of novels haha. BUT OMG I LOVED GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY I CANNOT WAIT FOR THE SECOND ONE. I totally forgot to put that one on the list.

      And Arrow is my fave thing ever, and The Flash is a close second. These shows are my life. I did give up on Legends of Tomorrow - well, more like stop watching than give up. I'm probably going to continue it when I get the time and catch up on everything else. I really hope you end up liking BVS if you end up watching it - the movie was just so perfect for me.


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