How To Lose A Bachelor by Anna Banks: Annoyances

Anyone who followed my old blog knows that How To Lose A Bachelor made it onto one of my Waiting on Wednesday lists, and trust me when I say I was excited for it for a variety of reasons, including the cute cover, the whole second-chance romance trope, and the plot of having a woman purposefully act like a madwoman on television in order to put off her ex while he looks on in amusement and yes, love. It sounded perfect. Unfortunately, it was anything but.

• This entire book was based on the circumstances that caused Rochelle and Grant to break up in the first place, but to me, the reasons behind the break up seemed like nothing but a ton of misunderstandings and utterings of things that did not need to be uttered. 

This made it nearly impossible for me to sympathize with the ex-couple, and their ridiculous antics and not-at-all hidden attraction only went downwards on the comprehendible scale from there.

• I've never watched any reality tv that isn't on HGTV, but I knew to expect a lot of drama. I was fine with the drama for the most part, but a lot of it had no reason for it and I soon got annoyed with it all.

• The story itself was very shallow. I loved the idea of the plot, but to me, it didn't seem like the potential was fulfilled. I had expected so much more richness and emotions, but I feel like all I received was a cheap knockoff of what I had been hoping to read.

• The characters didn't have any depth and made little to no rational decisions, and this only made it harder to understand their points of view, become invested in their story, and empathize with their feelings and consequent decisions.


I don't really have that much else to say about this book. It was a quick read - partly because I was rushing through it since it was so bad - and not a memorable one either. Unfortunately, I was constantly annoyed by everything I read after the very beginning of the story (which was actually hilarious). The characters, the plot, the breakup, the make-up - everything about this book had me rolling my eyes, and not in an oh this is cute way.

When I first started reading this, I thought hmm, maybe I should try watching some reality tv, but about halfway through the book, I changed my mind. That should tell you enough about how much this romance disappointed me.

Rating: ★★

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