Part 1: Reasons To Read Physical Books

There is the never-ending argument to why physical books are better than digital books, and vice versa. I personally believe that physical books are always the best and most deserving to be treasured, though I will admit that ebooks have certain advantages to them as well (and those will be mentioned in tomorrow's post). However, for today, let's focus on all the reasons to prefer physical books to digital ones.

1. You can't use a bookmark unless you're reading a physical book.

2. There's no way to show off your bookshelves if all you own are ebooks.

3. Do ebooks come in hardcover? No, I didn't think so.

4. If you're mad at a physical book, it's rational to want to burn the book, throw it against the wall, etc. If you're mad at an ebook, you can't exactly destroy your kindle without destroying your other 600 books at the same time. 

5. Along the same lines, kissing the book you're reading is infinitely easier than attempting to kiss your kindle while trying not to get any lip prints on the screen (I've never tried this but it sounds about right). 

6. When reading an ebook, all you know is you've read 100% of a book, but when you read a physical book, you know how many pages you're reading, and get to give yourself a pat on the back when you've finished reading that 600-some pages book.

7. Physical books are the main component of a bookstagram account. And before you ask, of course you want to have a bookstagram account.

8. You can buy three different physical copies of all of Jane Austen's novels, but doing that with an ebook would be ridiculously pointless.

9. Refraining from buying physical books means that you miss out on several opportunities to go to the bookstore, and why in the world would you do that to yourself?

10. Two words: boxed sets.

11. Graphic novels are much easier to read in physical version rather than digital.

12. My libraries, at least, tend to stock up on physical books more than they do ebooks, so it might be a good idea to get used to reading actual novels.

13. Authors can't sign your ebooks, now can they?

14. BEA and other such events are filled with physical books, not ebooks.

15. Is it just me or is paying for an ebook not nearly as satisfying as buying a physical book?

16. There is a strange thrill in finding a physical copy of a favorite older book for less than fifty dollars.

17. Physical books have a smell that cannot at all be appreciated when reading an ebook.

That's everything I came up with - are there any other reasons to read physical books that I haven't thought of?

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