Part 2: Reasons To Read Books Digitally

Though I'm fully dedicated to physical books, and hate buying any other kind, I must admit that I adore my kindle, and it certainly comes in handy. This list isn't as long as the last one listing the benefits of reading physical books, but there are actually quite a few reasons to laud ebooks as well.

1. Kindles nowadays weigh less than a single physical book, so essentially, you can carry thousands of books around with you, and it's lighter than carrying a single book in your purse.

2. Unlike physical books, ebooks can be read in the dark, in bed while under the covers, all because they provide this wonderful thing called light.

3. Some might say that it's easier read longer books as ebooks because you're unaware of the fact that it is, in fact, large. Several hundred pages of book goes much faster when your progress is measured in percents, and only percents.

4. When ordering books online, you have to wait for the physical book to be shipped or pay extra for it to be shipped faster, but as long as you're connected to wi-fi, your ebook is on your kindle in under a minute.

5. The simply joy of buying, owning, naming, and using your kindle is a very good reason to read ebooks.

6. When lending ebooks to your friends, there is pretty much no possible way for them to return it damaged. It's perfect.

7. Reading ebooks means you don't even need an e-reader - you can even read on your phone, with no one being the wiser, for example, if you're at a party and technically shouldn't be reading a book.

8. Packing books for a vacation becomes so much easier with a kindle because you don't have to choose which books to bring.

9. No panicked dog-earing necessary with an ebook since e-readers tend to come with their own bookmarking system.

10. Digital books tend to be cheaper than physical books.

11. Reading ebooks is often faster than reading the physical version of the book, simply because you're not staring at page numbers and don't have to spend time turning the pages.

12. It's easier to fit a kindle into your purse than a book.

13. Classics are free as ebooks, but not in their physical form.

14. Historical Romance is one genre that has covers that are NSFW, and reading them as an ebook means that you can read it at work, school, or any other public place. It's quite convenient, that.

15. With the newer Kindle Voyage, you literally do not even have to lift a finger to turn a page in an ebook. Plus there's a kindle stand, so reading is almost hands-free.

Not bad, huh? I guess ebooks aren't that bad after all (I'm looking at you, dear friends determined to stay away from e-readers).

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