Part 3: Reasons To Listen To Audiobooks

I actually don't know anyone who purposefully avoids audiobooks, but there are several people who have never read a book in this way. I definitely don't listen to books that much, but sometimes it's really convenient to read that way, and can oftentimes make things more productive.

1. Sometimes you're just not in the mood to hold a book in your hands and move your eyes back and forth across the pages - at times like these, it's very convenient to stick some earbuds in your ears and simply listen to a book being read to you.

2. A lot of times, the person narrating the book does different voices for each character.

3. When you're doing something extremely boring like working out or walking from class to class, listening to an audiobook does wonders for the experience.

4. On the other hand, at times, audiobooks work in the other way, inspiring you to do things like wash the dishes just so you can spend more time listening to the book. Audiobooks may just make you a more productive human being.

5. Audiobooks are best for re-reading, and makes the reader feel less like he or she is spending time that could have otherwise been used catching up on one's TBR.

6. For those like me who get carsick when attempting to read a book or ebook in the car, audiobooks are the perfect alternative.

7. Again, unlike with physical books, most, if not all, classics are available for free in audiobook form through sites like LibriVox.

8. Some audiobooks - I'm thinking of Illuminae - have an entire cast and crew for all of the characters, and that is such an exciting and original experience, and it cannot compare to anything else in the world.

That's all I've got on audiobooks, but I haven't listened to very many and I'm sure there's many more advantages to them - any ideas?

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