Potterhead Festival: Can You Guess Which Hogwarts House Each Out-Of-Series Character Belongs In?

Happy Harry Potter and the Cursed Child release day, everyone! Today is my stop on the Potterhead Festival - brought to you by the wonderful and talented Aentee of Read at Midnight - and I'm so happy that I was one of the bloggers lucky enough to have their stop today. For my part of the festival, I will be sharing a quiz I made that will test your skills at sorting different book characters outside of the Harry Potter series into their appropriate Hogwarts Houses.

In addition, there's going to be a #PotterheadJuly twitter chat today to celebrate the release of Cursed Child, so make sure you check out the hashtag if you'd like to take part!

Please be sure to note that the correct answers to the quiz below aka the House that each book character belongs to is solely based on the opinions of The Lone Reader, so remember not to take the quiz too seriously and to just have fun!


  1. I got both Katniss and Magnus wrong. I've always thought of Katniss as a Slytherin, but I realized when I answered the question that I don't think that I've ever considered what house Magnus would be in. That's kind of strange considering that he's one of my favorite characters and I tend to sort all of my favorite characters.

  2. I got Magnus, Kell, and Shazi wrong xD I always think of Magnus and Kell as Slytherin because how cunning they are. I also think Shazi as Gryffindor because how brave and smart she is (she's like Ginny!)

    Tasya // The Literary Huntress


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