What You Can Expect To Find In The Unexpected Everything by Morgan Matson

This is my second Morgan Matson contemporary romance that I've read, and it's definitely lived up to the first one. There's just so much cuteness and swooning and heart eyes to be made at the characters in this book. One of my favorite things about the novel is the many pop-culture references, among other things, and they were so fun to stumble upon. Some of them were intentional, but some of them may just be connections I made in my head while I was reading. Can you spot all of these in The Unexpected Everything? [Hint: no. 5 takes a bit of thinking.]

1. James Bond

2. Doctor Who

3. Superman

4. So many doggies.

5. Batman v Superman

6. Hamlet

7. Texting and emojis everywhere.

8. Stuffed animals with sentimental value.

9. All the bookish things - advance reader copies, book signings, audiobooks, and authors.

10. Public declarations of love.

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