Part 1: My Five Favorite Novel Heroines

There was a tag going around on twitter a couple of weeks ago that asked which fictional heroines are your favorite. I was tagged by a friend to participate, and since I've been doing so many of these tags on twitter, I decided to bring this one to the blog. I figured I'd split the tag into two parts - book characters and TV characters - to make it easier on myself: the second part will be up on the blog tomorrow. So who are my favorite novel heroines? Let's find out.

- Any mystery-solving girl detective is a friend of mine.
- Super cute - if not contemporary - fashion sense.
- She's basically a female, kid Sherlock.
- Not sure if this counts, but I had this one Nancy Drew didj game when I was younger, and it was the bomb dot com in terms of mystery gameplay.

- She's bloody brilliant, as Ron would say.
- She's always there to help her friends, but also stands up for what she believes in, even when her friends don't always agree. She does right by herself.
- Hermione is the most loyal friend anyone could ask for.
- She self-sacrifices to a fault. (Example: when she made her parents forget her so that she could go save the world. I'm still crying.)

- She's out to seek truth and justice, and then tell everyone about it as a fan-freaking-tastic journalist.
- Lois isn't afraid of anyone or anything - not even aliens.
- She clearly has great taste in friends, because her group of buddies is the literal best.
- She'll gladly suffer being grounded and having detention if it means she can expose evil people and be back in time to chat with SmallvilleGuy online.

- She can time travel. What else even matters?
- She is straightforward and honest, and doesn't try to be someone she isn't.
- Gwyneth doesn't let anyone tell her what she's worth.
- Feminist in the house, y'all.
- Oh yeah, and she can see dead people and super adorable gargoyles.

- She's bright, quick on her feet, modest, humble, and pretty much holds every virtue anyone could ever wish for.
- She doesn't hate anyone, no matter how badly she is treated by some people aka her own family.
- As much as she regrets her mistakes, she doesn't make excuses for them and always accepts the consequences.
- She can really take charge in emergencies, or when gentle nudge comes to shove.
- The most important aspect of her character: she's kind.

Who are your favorite heroines in books?

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