Part 2: My Five Favorite TV Heroines

It was unexpectedly hard to choose my top five favorite book heroines yesterday, probably because when I think of books, the first thing my mind rushes toward is book boyfriends. This time around, though, I had a much easier time of picking my favorite TV women, probably because I had a bit more mental preparation to help me figure out who the most kickass females of television are.

- She is unfailing honest in every situation, whether or not she's done something wrong.
- I actually don't think you can meet a human being in the twenty-first century who is as nice as Jane.
- She is very close with her mother and grandmother, and her relationship with them is heartwarming and honestly goals.
- Once she has made a promise, she won't back out of it.
- Her research & preparation skills are on point.

- She's a very loyal companion and friend, and would give up almost anything for the ones she loves.
- She is the main reason that the Doctor is who he is today - that alone says a lot about her character.
- She's a quick study, but also extremely enthusiastic about the new things she's constantly learning on her adventures.
- Rose has a great sense of humor and a great taste in men (I mean, Jack Harkness, the Tenth Doctor...nice).

- She's young, she's a successful private investigator, and she kicks criminal/annoying student and non-student butt.
- She knows she's not invincible and has gotten stuck in a few scary situations here and there, but she doesn't let her fear get in the way of helping someone in need.
- Veronica has a friends and family discount on her PI skills, in case you qualify ;)
- She is the sassy bff of your dreams.
- Her loving and snarky relationship with her father is a beautiful thing.

- She's an all around super-feminist and has been one-upping men since the twentieth century.
- Agent Carter is basically the super hero without powers that we all want to be.
- She doesn't let her temporarily stuck love life affect her ability and willingness to save the world by destroying HYDRA, one agent at a time.
- Her disguise game is better than mine could even hope to be.

- She may seem a bit spoiled rotten and party girl-esque when you first meet her, but this girl's got depth and layers that will have you rooting for her like nobody's business.
- She's gorgeous and she knows it, and her fashion sense is drool-worthy.
- Eleanor has a realistic sense of herself and doesn't apologize for her actions - she is who she is, and she embraces it.
- She has been betrayed by so many people in her life, but she keeps her head up, keeps moving forward, and continues to try and do what's right. She's amazing.

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