This Savage Song by V.E. Schwab Isn't That Great

I usually have a great relationship with V.E. Schwab books, by which I mean there isn't a single one I've read that I haven't enjoyed, and that's going all the way back to The Archived. The same goes for this one, but unlike her Shades of Magic series, I'm not crazy obsessed with this book. I didn't sit down and devour the book in a day, and in fact, was rather bored until about halfway through the book. It's not that this isn't a good book - it's just that I had expected it to be so much more special than it actually was, and that disappointed me.

So what is it about this book that didn't leave me panting for more? Let's get down to it.

1. I didn't connect with or garner a deep interest in the characters. 

They are cool and unique, and I like the idea of the monster trying to be human and the human trying to be a monster, but when it actually plays out, nothing really stands out. They seem like great characters on their own, but there is nothing overtly awe-inspiring about them, unlike many other of Schwab's characters. If I had simply picked up this book and read it without knowledge of the hype surrounding it, I would never have guessed that this was a book by the same author.

2. Way too much time is spent fleshing out the characters instead of starting up the plot, and though it doesn't hinder the story in any way, it certainly slows down the pacing of the book, at least until about halfway into it.

The two main characters, Kate and August, don't even meet until a significant portion of the book, and even after they do meet, nothing really grabs the reader's attention about their circumstances until even further into the book, when the two characters finally have a shared interest aka saving their own skins.

3. The plot is a bit too simple.

I know that there's absolutely nothing wrong with a simple, straight-forward plot, but sometimes it seemed like the plot was almost an afterthought to the characters. So much time was spent developing them that I had a hard time keeping track of where exactly the story was going. The storyline was interesting, sure, but I never grew invested in it.


And that is actually all I have to say about this book. It isn't memorable, it didn't actively keep my interest, and I'm not even completely sure I want to read the next installment (I probably will though because I'm hoping that now we have the characters down, the second book will be more plot-oriented). 

Rating: ★★★★


  1. This is exactly how I felt about A Darker Shade of Magic. I KNOW! I'm horrible! But I just couldn't get into it for some reason despite recognizing that it is well written and plotted, good world-building and characters, etc. There was just no spark for me and I was actually apathetic about it until less than the last 100 pages. I'm going to try Vicious next and I hope that I like it, but if I don't I'll probably skip This Savage Song. I really REALLY want to like this author's books.

  2. I still haven't read one of her books yet (I know! Don't hurt me!) but I was really interested in this one, and a little sad now, haha. BUT I do like character orientated stories, so I think it might be more my thing, but I do like them to have a little more plot than this one does, so TORN. But yeah, now the characters have been fleshed out and everything, the second book should be more plot orientated.


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