Jane the Virgin 3x01: Michael Freaking Gave Me Butterflies

I watched the premiere. And I died. In the best way possible, as always, but still. And yet, the most shocking part is that I swooned so hard for Michael, for the first time in my life. I've always loved the guy - he's funny, charming and cute, romantic and sweet - but he's not exactly Rafael, if you know what I mean. Nearly everyone who keeps up with the show knows that it's nearly impossible to pick between the two lead men in the show, and I am exactly the same way. Both Michael and Rafael are perfect in their own ways, and sometimes I prefer the one, and sometimes I prefer the other. It makes me sound terrible, but it's true.

But then I watched a couple of flashbacks featuring Michael and Jane when they first met - you know, while we were waiting to see whether or not he'd live or die. And I honestly felt like I was struck by a lightning bolt, because I realized something that for whatever reason, I hadn't realized previously. 

Michael and Jane already went through their Jane and Rafael phase. I've never been one to go for the nice guys, and so for me, Rafael was the obvious choice in the love triangle. He and Jane were having all these cute, romantic moments and Michael was just there. Lurking. And making bad decisions that, I won't lie, I cheered on at the beginning of the first season because I was wholly aboard the Rafael ship way back then. But after watching the season three premiere, I got to see Jane and Michael before they became who they are now, and where they are now in their relationship.

They had their love-hate relationship, they had their feisty, irresponsible love, and it was beautiful. I was sitting in front of my tv with my hands in my face because I was laughing/crying so hard I couldn't breathe. Michael called Jane a jackass and I could not even handle it. She called him a dick, and full disclosure, I couldn't handle that either. 

Essentially, the Jane and Michael we know now should technically be past their happily ever after. Their romance novel is over, and since the beginning of the show, we've been reading the second installment in the series, a stand-alone novel, which just happens to feature a Rafael who is also in love with Jane. What I'm saying is, Jane and Michael have so so so many moments together that none of us viewers will ever get to see, so in all honestly, it's not even possible to compare him and Rafael. We just don't have the story, and so Michael probably wins every time.

Which is probably a good thing because I just read an article that said that Jane's marriage to Michael pretty much represents the end of the love triangle. (I might have shed a tear at that - when all's said and done, I'm still not quite ready to let go of Raf.)

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