Royally Screwed by Emma Chase is the Best Clichés Combined Into One Book

I had high expectations for this book since the day I became aware of its existence, and not least because the cover is jaw-droppingly gorgeous. There are so many romances out there that start out great, true to the premise, but about halfway through all the excitement has died down and you just want the book to end - fortunately, this book is just the opposite. Reading the novel is reminiscent of watching one of your favorite prince-commoner movies, and my goodness, every second is an exhilarating ride.

Olivia first meets Prince Nicholas when she's working in the café, selflessly ignoring her own needs and doing whatever it takes to make sure her sister can go to college and her dad can get drunk all day mourning the loss of his true love. True to cliché form, she's the one person in the world who doesn't recognize Nicholas. And him, being drunk off his ass, comes into her empty café and asks her how much it would take for her to let him have sex with her. She throws a pie at his face, and from there, a gorgeous and sexy relationship blooms.

One of my favorite things about Royally Screwed is that despite the obvious tropes, it's still an original book, with wonderfully modern characters. Olivia, for instance, knew that loving Nicholas didn't mean that he was hers - she knew that he was a royal, and that she couldn't marry him, and she was okay with that. Instead of throwing away her relationship with Nicholas because they could never be together, she decided to enjoy what time she did have with him before he got married, and I really admired her for it.

Similarly, Nicholas was the most perfect, imperfect wanker there ever could be. Instead of being the rich bastard one would think he is, he was surprisingly sweet from the get go - not counting his drunk self. Unlike many males in books today, he doesn't lie to himself about who he loves, and though he could be a bit selfish at times when it came to Olivia, he had his head on straight. Watching him fall in love is actually a bit of a marvel: he was a newbie in terms of love, and seeing him soak up all the emotions and react to them was quite endearing.

This first installment in the Royally series is perfect if you're in a romance mood, and especially if you're a fan of all things fictional royalty, including The Prince & Me and The Royals. I'm definitely going to be keeping my eyes out for the next book in the series, featuring Nicholas's younger brother - a mix of fun, broody, and good-looking - and a character we briefly meet in this novel, a little wallflower who reads Sense & Sensibility, and who I love already.

Rating: ★★★★★


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