Doctor Strange Has Quickly Become A New Favorite

What did I know about Doctor Strange before it came to my attention that Benedict Cumberbatch was playing him? Absolutely nothing. But then one night I saw a tweet about all of this awesome, and since then, this movie has been sitting in my watchlist while I've been dying to see it. I finally watched it with a friend last Friday and we couldn't stop fangirling during or after the film. Honestly, all I want right now is to get the DVD and rewatch it for the rest of my life. Yes, it was that much fun.

• Despite Cumberbatch's lack of British accent in the Doctor Strange promos and trailers, it turns out that Cumberbatch really can make an American accent work. It's certainly a bit unusual during the first few minutes of the movie, but soon enough it becomes very natural, and even though you don't forget it isn't his natural accent, it fits his character really will.

• Stephen Strange has/had a gorgeous New York apartment, a drool-worthy car, and he's an amazing surgeon. Yes, his ego could take a hit (and oh it did) but other than that, he is freaking living my dream.

• If any of you have read/watched the Shadowhunters series, this movie is basically Shadowhunters done right. The settings, the fighting, the villains, and even the institutes are strangely reminiscent of the entire series, except unlike the ABC series and the unsuccessful movie, Doctor Strange did everything perfectly. The graphics, the action, and the settings form quite the visual delight.

• The acting was phenomenal. Of course, one wouldn't expect anything less of Cumberbatch, but it has to be admitted that this is a bit of a departure from the roles he usually acts in; even so, he and his costars made the movie believable, which definitely added to the experience. They really brought the characters to life.

• HUMOR. So much humor. I can't even count the number of times I accidentally burst out laughing.

• The movie wasn't too long or too short - it was just right. The friend I watched the movie with said that she thought the film was shorter than expected, but I thought it was the perfect length. Yes, I would have loved more screen time, but plot wise, a longer run time would have been unnecessary.

The one problem I had with the film:

The romance. I don't really understand why it was even included.

It feels like they included the "love interest" in the film just for the sake of having "romance", and I'm not fond of the practice. Please, either do something with the love interest that is integral to the plot/main character, or do not include one at all. That being said, she provides a lot of comic relief and the film and is a solid character with potential, and if they decide to make more Doctor Strange movies, I hope she'll have a bigger role in them.

I can already see Doctor Strange as a movie I will watch over and over again in the future, and I might just have to grab a Pop! figure of him as well. If you're unsure about whether or not the movie is worth a trip to the theaters, let me just say that it most definitely is. And the best part: being a Cumberbatch fan is not a requirement (though fair warning, you'll probably become one after seeing the movie).

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